How to become a food Inspector

The food industry is witnessing a positive growth over the years. With more and more food products entering the market, safety and hygiene play an important part in gaining the trust of customers.

Ensuring adherence to these standards is the job of a Food Inspector.

How to become a Food Inspector, food inspector qualifications, food inspector salary are common questions by candidates with the intention to take up a career in the food industry.

Although a food quality inspector is employed by food processing industries, a Food Inspector plays a major role in Public and Regulatory Authorities. 

Who Is A Food Inspector?

A Food Inspector is a food safety specialist who examines the quality of food products manufactured in processing centers and food cooked in a restaurant/hotel.

They ensure the food products adhere to the quality and regulatory standards throughout the processing.

A food inspector can also work privately or be employed by public and government authorities.

Food inspectors employed by Public and Food Regulatory Authorities have the authority to warn or close businesses involved in food processing. 

Roles & Responsibilities of a Food Inspector

    • Analyze the quality of food cooked in hotels and restaurants and food items manufactured in food processing industries. 

    • Ensuring the safety protocols are met during manufacturing and cooking.

    • Maintaining hygiene is maintained in cooking, manufacturing, and storage areas. 

    • Check for food quality standards in storage and packaging.

    • Test food products for contaminants and adulterants. 

    • Provide food enterprises guidance to adhere to safety standards laid out by local or central food regulatory authorities. 

    • Ensuring Cleanliness and hygiene standards are met in food processing areas. 

    • Ensure sanitary conditions are maintained in poultry, cattle, and dairy farms are met. 

Skills Required to Become a Food Inspector

    • Good Communication and Interpersonal skills

    • Time management 

    • Report writing

    • Good observation skills

    • Decision-making ability

    • Proficiency in basic Computer software 

    • Knowledge of health and safety standards

    • Physical Stamina

    • Good sense of smell and sight

    • Knowledge of food adulterants and contaminants

    • Psychologically fit and immunity 

Eligibility to Become a Food Inspector 

Here are the food inspector eligibility criteria. There are certain academic qualifications to become a Food Inspector in India to be employed by food regulation authorities. They are:

    • +2/12th standard – Must have completed +2 with Chemistry and Biology as main subjects.

    • Undergraduate Program – Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Engineering/Technology

    • Masters Program – Master of Science 

How to Become a Food Inspector in India? A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a Food Inspector in India.

    1. Take up 12th standard or +2 in the science stream with Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects. 

    1. Enroll in the undergraduate program Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Technology.

    1. Some UG courses require clearing competitive exams like JEE/CAT/BITSAT, etc. 

    1. Candidates must clear the All India Food Inspector Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

    1. Candidates can also specialize in a subject by pursuing a Master’s program. 

    1. Depending upon performance in the Food Inspector Examination, further rounds are conducted for recruitment. 

    1. After completing these rounds, one gets appointed as a Food Inspector in different departments of the Central or State Governments.

    1. There are also examinations conducted by public companies for recruiting such as the Food Corporation of India (FCI), Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), and Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC). etc.

Food Inspector Course Details In India

Here is the top list of courses that should be pursued in order to become a Food Inspector in India. 

Undergraduate Programs in India for a Food Inspector 

    • B.Sc Biochemistry

    • B.Sc Agriculture

    • B.Sc Food Technology 

    • B.Sc Dairy Science

    • B.Sc Microbiology

    • B.Tech Agriculture Technology

    • B.Tech Dairy Technology

    • B.Tech Biotechnology

    • B.Tech Veterinary Science

Post Graduate or Masters Programs in India for Food Inspector

    • M.Sc Food Technology

    • M.Sc Dairy Technology

    • Integrated M.Sc – Ph.D. in Nutrition Biology

Food Inspector Exam

The majority of the public companies, government agencies, and institutions who hire Food Inspectors in India conduct their own examinations. Some of the institutions conducting the competitive exam are

    • Food Corporation of India

    • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

    • Central Warehousing Commission

    • Urban local bodies like BMC, BBMP, MCD, etc.

    • State Warehousing Corporations

Also a common All India Food Inspector Examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). 

Career Opportunities for a Food Inspector

The career progression of a Food Inspector is positive and is regularly audited and promoted to higher roles. Some of the designations are

    • Food Sub-Inspector

    • Food Inspector

    • Senior Food Inspector

    • Regional Food Inspector

    • Deputy Director

    • Deputy Secretary (Food Safety), etc.

Salary of a Food Inspector 

The average salary of a Food Inspector in India is Rs.5.5L per annum. The food industry is growing especially in the retail segment where new fast food restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Mut Cuisine Restaurants, etc are sprouting in urban spaces.

These business premises need to be examined at regular intervals for food safety and hygiene violations and flag concerns that affect the health of the public. 

Food inspectors are the officials who regularly visit food outlets and processing units to certify the standards employed throughout the manufacturing process.

There is rising demand for Food Inspectors both in private companies and Government enterprises. and agencies.

The entry-level salary for a Food Inspector is Rs.3.5L/year and ranges up to Rs.13L per annum with experience of 10-15 years.  

Pros and Cons

Pros of becoming a Food Inspector 

    • Social Responsibility

    • Job Security

    • Employment in Government Agencies

    • Authority to enforce regulations

Cons of becoming a Food Inspector

    • Need to travel a lot to food and site inspection

    • Also, act as an investigator

    • Less salary compared to private sector profiles


    • A Food Inspector is a Government official who inspects the safety, hygiene, and quality of food products manufactured in food processing units and cooked in hotels/restaurants along with the premises and the equipment used in the process.

    • They regularly visit different business premises to inspect adherence to safety protocols and cleanliness in food preparation and processing areas and storage conditions. 

    • Food Inspectors are designated majorly by Government Authorities and agencies to ensure regulatory standards are met in the businesses operating in the food industry. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, being a Food Inspector is a good career option and job security.

The entrance exam for a Food Inspector mostly consists of questions related to General Knowledge, English, Numerical Ability, and Science.

So, start preparing for these subjects and make use of questions that appeared in previous exams.

To become a Food Inspector in India, an undergraduate program in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Food Science, etc. is suited for a future course.

The entry-level salary of a Food Inspector in the Food Corporation of India (FCI) is Rs.3.5L to Rs.6.5L per annum.

Though the subject is easy in the Food Safety Officer exam, the competition is very high.

The average salary of a Food Inspector is Rs.5.5L/annum in India.

The salary of a central Food Safety officer is Rs.3.5L to Rs.6.0L per annum. Read the above article thoroughly to know more about how to become a food safety inspector.

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