How to become a Business Analyst in India

Businesses today collect a lot of data from customers to provide better services and products. Every business has a professional who decodes the data trends and builds new products and services with a vision to enhance customer experience.

They are called Business Analysts. This article provides more information on ‘How to Become a Business Analyst in India?’. 

Business Analysts play a vital role in organizations that depend on data to make informed decisions. They develop systems and procedures to make existing operations more efficient.

They also develop product features and upgradation to offer match the customer needs and behaviour. So, continue reading this article to know more about business analyst meaning, business analyst salary, business analyst courses, business analyst skills, and much more.

Who is a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is a professional who acts and takes action based on data analytics and trends. They assess the data trends and insights to build new solutions and products. They source the necessary resources and collaborate with other departments to launch and maintain a product in the market. They must own full responsibility from end to end of a product line. 

Types of Business Analysts

1. Business Analysts

They specialize in studying and modelling in a specific subject area. They analyse data trends to build or justify anticipated changes or proposals in a business ecosystem. They usually make data-backed informed decisions and collaborate with different teams to make a product or a feature a success. There is no need for technical knowledge but one must be able to decode customer behaviour from the data trends.

2. System Analysts

System Analysts work closely with development teams. They translate the Business Analyst requirements to high-level technical needs such as necessary software and infrastructure requirements. They develop systems architecture and source required technical expertise and solutions to make efficient products and services. 

3. Requirements Analysts

They are a mix of Business Analysts and System Analysts. They specialize in testing, analyzing, modeling, and documenting the system of products being developed. They develop detailed descriptions of the designed system they need not necessarily have deeper technological knowledge. 

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

    • Have a better understanding of the company’s business and requirements,

    • Collaborate with different teams to understand the company’s products and services.

    • Conduct surveys, predictions, and testing.

    • Analyze sample data and build business and operational models.

    • Propose strategic changes and implementation.

    • Weigh the pros and cons of a proposed idea.

    • Establish systems and procedures to implement an idea by deploying new or upgrading old systems. 

    • Consult and present suggestions to different teams and management and take feedback.

    • Assist all stakeholders with training and assistance.

    • Analyze the impact of changes and make adjustments and measure efficiency.  

Skills Required to Become a Business Analyst

If you are wondering about skills required for business analyst, find a list below: 

    • Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills

    • Critical, Analytical, and Objective thinking

    • Understanding of business and operational models

    • Decision-making skills

    • Understanding and Employment of programming languages

    • Accounting practices and negotiation

    • Database. SQL, and Excel

    • Good presentation skills

Eligibility to Become a Business Analyst

The eligibility to become a Business Analyst are as follows:

    • Academic – Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Business or Data Analytics (Preferred not mandatory).

    • Digital Tools – MS Excel, SQL, Analytics, etc.

    • Skills – Communication, Negotiations, Decision-making, Leadership, etc.

How to Become a Business Analyst in India? A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a Business Analyst:

    1. After completing the 10th, take up +2 or 12th in Science or Commerce and complete with good grades. 
    2. If taken the Commerce stream, enroll for a Bachelor program is Business Administration with a specialization in Analytics.
    3. If taking the Science stream, prefer taking an engineering or computer science Bachelor’s program. 
    4. Meanwhile, learn certain skills like MS Excel, Data Analytics, and other related digital tools. 
    5. After completing a Bachelor’s program, apply for a Business Analyst position with data-driven and dependent companies. 
    6. Keep upskilling. 

Career Opportunities for a Business Analyst in India

Being a Business Analyst is a high-growth career path. Here are some of the different designations that can be scaled by Business Analysts.

    • Business Analyst Manager

    • Data Analyst

    • Test Analyst

    • Project Manager

    • Business Consultant

    • Quantitative Analyst

    • Portfolio Manager

Salary of a Business Analyst 

The average salary of a Business Analyst in India is 6.9 LPA. The entry-level salary of a Business Analyst in India is 3.9 LPA. With experience, the salary can range upto 16 LPA for 10 years of experience. Businesses are depending more and more on data to take business decisions which can be backed by a Business Analyst in a strategic and efficient way.  

Pros and Cons of Being a Business Analyst

Pros of Being a Business Analyst:

    • High paying role

    • Get to learn a lot of different roles

    • Great Career growth

    • Take important decisions within the Organization

Cons of Being a Business Analyst:

    • Accountable for decisions 

    • Stressful job profile

    • Need to be a master of a lot of things

    • Usually, a fall guy in failed attempts


    • A Business Analyst is a Professional within an Organization who works by generating insights out of data. They develop systems to deploy in place to make operations and products more efficient.

    • Although a high-paying designation, a Business Analyst has a lot of stress. They must be responsible for their actions and are accountable for the performance of development systems.

Frequently asked Questions

Being a Business Analyst is a great career choice and has huge growth potential. If you have the necessary skills to be a Business analyst, you must pursue the career path. 

Being a Business Analyst helps develop some amazing skills which can definitely be put to use to become a Data Scientist.

The first thing to do in becoming a Freelance Business Analyst is to find the right clients and be prepared with the unique services you can offer. Build an impressive work portfolio and approach prospective clients.

Studying Business Administration with Data Analytics is a good academic choice to become a Business Analyst.

A Business Analyst is a bridge between a Business Designation and IT Roles. It is primarily about meeting business needs through technological innovation.

Business Analysts are some of the high-paid designations in a data-driven company.

It is not necessary for a Business Analyst to learn or do coding. However, a brief idea about coding will certainly be an added attribute to the position.

Business Analysts do not do a lot of math. They need to be well-versed in employing digital tools to generate relevant and efficient insights. If you want to know more about how to become a business analyst in India read our article given above.

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